IT is at the heart of successful enterprises worldwide, and manufacturing enterprises are no exception. Although the role of Information Technology in manufacturing has been more to support processes, it is evolving to become a catalyst for process and product change.

Today’s manufacturing enterprise, whether it produces consumer goods or weapons systems, must often juggle a range of conflicting demands. Smaller lot sizes, increased product flexibility, higher product quality, decreased delivery time, and smaller profit margins are typical of the ambitious goals in many such organizations. Through it all, the enterprise must consistently aim for the five R’s– produce the right product, with the right quality, in the right quantity, at the right price, and at the right time– and it must do more than satisfy its customers; it must delight them.

We at Saicon understand that correct and timely information is the key to meeting these goals. Hence, in order to cater to these critical requirements, we have expertise ourselves in Information Technology – Database Management Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, and Simulation and Computer-Aided Design tools which have become indispensable to most manufacturing enterprises.

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