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Posted On: 02/02/2024
Requirement Code: 66905
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Stanford GSB researchers are seeking assistance in gathering historical data on water pricing, conservation reminders, and rebates from the websites of approximately 200 California water agencies. The task involves to access snapshots of each water agency's website at specific points in time, specifically for March and September of the years 2013, 2015, and 2017. The collected data will be inputted into a pre-formatted Google Sheet, following detailed instructions provided by the researchers.

The task involves a degree of complexity due to the diverse and evolving nature of the water agencies' websites. Some agencies operate through general city websites, while others have dedicated sites specifically for water-related information. Additionally, certain local water services are managed by corporations that oversee multiple cities. This job necessitates meticulous navigation and the extraction of pertinent information from these varied sources. For some agencies, gathering information will be straightforward due to the absence of data or user-friendly website designs. However, it may be more challenging with other agencies that have a more complex website structure. The ideal candidate should be proficient in navigating various web interfaces and skilled at extracting the necessary information.

• Requirements:
How many years of experience are required? A few years of experience with data collection will be great, but it is not mandatory.
Top 3 requirements to hire? Attention to detail, the ability to follow the instructions carefully, proficiency in using the Internet and spreadsheets (e.g., entering data into a Google Sheet)

Compensation: 20-22.54 Hourly W2

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