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Customer Service Leader

Location: Dallas or Arcardia, 75201
Posted On: 07/06/2023
Requirement Code: 64340
Requirement Detail

1. Streamline customer service process, improve customer satisfaction, achieve key campaign target
2. Lower down cost and reduce complaint & risk

Key Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for after-sales service team and talent development;
2. Responsible for after-sales service work plan, standards, systems, procedures development and management
3. Responsible for after-sales customer satisfaction and customer loyalty research, analysis, improvement and etc.,
4. Responsible for after-sales operation management, mainly focusing on service capacity building, service standard formulation, service process construction and service order closed-loop;
5. Responsible for after-sales installation/maintenance service standards, service network technical training/technical support promotion
6. Responsible for after-sales parts management, parts planning, parts adjustment, warranty parts recycling, value-added product promotion and etc
7. Responsible for the construction, operation and management of regional after-sales service center
8. Responsible for after-sales service system construction


1. 5 yrs experience in after sales operation and team management
2. Proficient both in verbal and written in Mandarin
3. over 3 years of experience in overseas after sales team management

Soft Skills:

1. Good team player, diplomatically collaborately work with diversed team
2. Excellent crisis management ability and communication and coordination ability
3. Powerful influencer
4. Demonstrates strong leadership
5. Able to build after sales service system

Preferred Industries & Companies Background Knowledges:

1. Preferred industry:  in E-bike
2. Preferred E-bike company: Aventon/Rad Power/Pedego/Juice Bikes/Hey Bike/Super73/Razor/Jetson/Velotrac/Go trax
3. Preferred 3C company: TCL/DJI/Ecovacs/Tineco 1, Bachelor of Science is preferred
2. Deep knowledge of CE/E-bike products and after sales process

1. Bachelor of Science is preferred
2. Deep knowledge of CE/E-bike products and after sales process

Compensation: 150-160k (DOE)

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