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Lab Technician (Intermediate)

Location: Austin, TX
Posted On: 05/25/2023
Requirement Code: 63917
Requirement Detail

The Challenge: Participate in a team of engineers to benchmark user experience criteria of leading-edge products using proprietary automation tools and manual testing methods. This test engineer will work with internal Engineers, program management, product management and software development to deliver results on time. This highly motivated team member will quickly diagnose any issues and resolve them or bring the issues to the attention of the lead engineer or software development team in order to maintain overall test schedule.

Technical Capabilities:
• HW setup and configuration
• Ability to connect/configure desktop/laptop/tablet PC peripherals according to test plan requirements (e.g. external monitors, keyboard, mouse, Bluetooth headset, dock, etc.)

Software installation, updates
• Ability to install an operating system, BIOS, driver updates and identify version information

Basic PC issue triage
• Ability to identify common PC issues (e.g., blue screens, hangs, etc.) and work with issue tracking systems to record issues, search for other instances of similar failure mechanisms, and apply workarounds (e.g. load specific driver version, apply OS update,

Test plan execution and optimization for efficiency
• Ability to read a test plan definition and optimize test execution (e.g., peripheral configurations and required changes, operator time for deploying required software updates, charging/discharging time for battery life tests, consider run time of specific applications/measurements, etc.)
• Ability to execute a manual test plan script (e.g. boot system, run a batch file, open chrome/browse website list) and report subjective user experience criteria (e.g. perceived fan noise, system touch temperature, snappy vs sluggish responsiveness)

Leadership Capabilities:
• Engages well with customers and partners while navigating through potential roadblocks
• Effective with executive communication and building respect
• Works cross-functionally across groups to quickly resolve issues that arise from testing

Education and Experience:
• Electronics Technician (2 year degree) - required
• 3 to 5 years of relevant industry experience
• Strong analysis and problem-solving skills
• Team player with good communication skills
• Prior experience with client PC testing, diagnostic and debug preferred
• Prior experience with testing tools and environments, defect tracking and revision control
• Prior experience using and managing tasks through a ticketing system such as Jira

Someone with pre-production lab work experience

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