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Systems Engineer

Location: Lexington, KY
Posted On: 01/23/2023
Requirement Code: 62420
Requirement Detail

Job Description:

Technical System/Field Engineer will beresponsible for providing mid to senior-level system engineering leadership.

Ensure the overall stability, integrity, and efficiency of assigned system(s) including software engineering, implementation and integration, and technical service and support.  

The successful candidate will have particular focus on actively contributing to and supporting AGV workstreams including Tactical Projects, Operational Systems, Governance & Sustainment and Strategic initiatives.

Tactical Project support will include working with Toyota and AGV Vendors on upcoming or inflight projects.

Operational Project Support will include working with Toyota and AGV Vendors on deployed projects.

Governance and Standards will include working with Toyota and AGV Vendors to development, maintain and ensure deployment of standards to projects and AGV vendors.

Strategic Initiatives will include working with Toyota and AGV Vendors on future technical initiatives and emerging technology proof of concepts. For example; making recommendations on more scalable systems design and cloud first approach for solution delivery models.

  • Requirements:

    Skill Set

    Installs, configures, and tests operating systems, application software, and system management tools.

    Ensures the highest level of systems and infrastructure availability.

    Implements warranty and support activities.

    Evaluates the existing systems and provides the technical direction to IT support staff

    Must have good communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills to help identify, communicate, and resolve highly advanced complex issues in support of business processing requirements.

    Must be able to analyze business requirements to develop in partnership all stakeholders solution architecture designs.

    Must have Warehousing/ Production Manufacturing Experience

    Must have strong problem-solving skills with methodical approach to breaking down complex issues.

    Must have Cloud Experience

    Must have strong understanding of various operating systems including WindowsLinux and Docker.

    Must have understanding of networking and network infrastructure

    Must be willing to travel to various Toyota Facilities as needed. Approx. 10% to 25% travel.

    Must have coding, command line and scripting experience.

    Must have experience using enterprise monitoring tools to help diagnose and troubleshoot issues. For example Data Dog or other tool.

    Must be able to correlate logs from various systems and help sequence and break down operating issues and identify countermeasures.

    Must be a team player willing to support colleagues towards overall project goals.

    Must be able and willing to maintain and report out concisely on the status of work and activities on a regular basis.

    Must have scrum/agile experience.

    Initiate and facilitate Solution Architecture Design (SAD) meetings and assist with facilitating design and build for all pre-requisites, hardware, software, networking, file share, communication protocols to allow for manufacturing robots to integrate with line-side manufacturing systems and data center assets and cloud platform

    Go and See actual condition without preconception.



    Computer Science degree majoring in systems engineering or relevant technical education or experience.

    Microsoft MCSE cert.


    Ideal Candidate:

    Will have 3 years experience in an Automotive Manufacturing setting or other Engineering based Manufacturing setting.

    Will have experience in AGV robots and systems.

    Will have Scrum/Agile Experience

    Will have exposure to Industrial Networking including PLC systems and controls systems networks.

    Will have Siemens Wifi Card Knowledge, Will have Cisco Device knowledge

    Enterprise Network Qualification and Experience in Lan and WIFI/ CCNA.

    Will have experience working in agile or Kanban in JIRA.

    Experience with high availability mission critical production impacting systems.

    Knowledge of Toyota vehicle manufacturing processes

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