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Mainframe Systems Programmer

Location: Remote
Posted On: 10/08/2021
Requirement Code: 51204
Requirement Detail

Required :


• A minimum of 10 years of experience working as a Mainframe Systems Programmer
• Must have a high degree of proficiency supporting a parallel sysplex environment
• High degree of proficiency in tools used to install, maintain, and analyze operating and support program systems.
• In-depth understanding of operating system and components.
• Ability to code Job Control Language, SMP/E, linkage editor, sort, clist, and other system level utility statements.
• Ability to quickly find and interpret information in complex technical manuals.
• Ability to understand and code assembler and programming languages, along with internal functions of assemblers and compilers.
• Experience in application programming and exposure to mainframe computer operations
• Current experience supporting z/OS v 2.4
• Preform as a Mainframe Systems Programmer in a parallel sysplex environment.
• Responsible for Implementation, maintenance and modification of complex aspects of mainframe z/OS operating systems and supporting products.
• Responsible for installation, testing, implementation and maintenance of highly complicated and integrated support programs and operating system components for z/OS.
• In-depth knowledge and experience of system support software.
• Provides leadership on projects and intermediate performance analysis of operating system.
• Setting up, creating and administering parallel sysplex with data sharing in a z/OS environment involving DB2, CICS, MQ and IMS.

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