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Systems Manager

Location: 1400 New York Avenue, DC
Posted On: 04/05/2021
Requirement Code: 44851
Requirement Detail

Required Skills:

•    This is a very senior level position, and candidates must demonstrate substantial, in-depth skills and experience specific to the requirements of the system. 

•    For example, if the system involves a Sun Solaris Oracle application, to be made available across the JCON network, this individual would need to have at least three years of hands-on experience in actually doing the work of setting up Sun servers, and in installing, running, and maintaining Oracle applications, in a large scale office automation network. 

•    Other systems and installations will require different sets of skills: 

     Windows based systems will require more specific hands-on experience setting up and running those systems and applications 

     Browser based systems will require extensive hands-on experience setting up and maintaining browser based applications. 

•    At least several years of first line management experience will also be required. 

•    Experience in implementing user support help desks extremely helpful; experience developing and deploying new applications to an established user group extremely helpful. 

•    Experience in a litigation support environment would be extremely helpful, as would be hands-on experience in a Windows office automation environment such as JCON. 

•    Excellent oral and written communication skills are required. 

•    Trial support experience a plus.  In all cases, management skills, systems analysis and leadership skills, and communications skills will be extremely important.

Day-to-day responsibilities:

•    Manager responsible for all technical aspects of very large litigation support projects, particularly those with unique and/or complex requirements.  

     For example, for reasons of security, or location, or because of specialized software requirements or telecommunications access needs.

     Some litigation support projects may require establishing a separate, dedicated local area network, with a dedicated database server. 

•    Other litigation may require setting up specialized databases or customized applications for analyzing litigation case data. 

•    Appropriately skilled support staff may need to be dedicated to the maintenance of these systems.  

     In such instances, the Government may order the services of a Systems Manager to manage all of these resources for the project, from equipment, to staffing, to coordination and interconnection with other already existing systems. 

•    The Systems Manager typically reports to the contractor's Senior Technical Manager or to the contractor's Deputy Division Director for the project.

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