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DevOps Engineer

Location: Remote
Posted On: 09/08/2021
Requirement Code: 50050
Requirement Detail

DevOps Engineering combines software and systems engineering to build and run large-scale, fault-tolerant systems. The DevOps ensures that services - both our internally critical and externally-visible systems - have reliability, uptime appropriate to users' needs, and a fast rate of improvement. Additionally, this engineer will keep an ever-watchful eye on the capacity and performance of our system.

On the DevOps team, you'll have the opportunity to manage from the ground up, the challenges of scaling out a low latency, high throughput streaming system while using your expertise in coding, algorithms, complexity analysis, and large-scale system design.

This engineer's culture of diversity, intellectual curiosity, problem-solving, and openness is key to its success. Our organization brings together people with a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We encourage them to collaborate, think big, and take risks in a blame-free environment. We promote self-direction to work on meaningful projects, while we also strive to create an environment that provides the support and mentorship needed to learn and grow.

Minimum Qualifications:

?•      Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, related technical field, or equivalent practical experience

?•      Experience managing a running Kubernetes Cluster

?•      Experience programming in Bash and Ruby

?•      Experience in one of the following: Java / C++

?•      Experience with Unix/Linux networking (e.g., routing, ESDN) or cloud systems

?•      Experience with analyzing and troubleshooting systems

Preferred Qualifications:

?•      Experience designing and developing software oriented towards systems or network automation

?•      Experience with Google Cloud

?•      Experience with Unix/Linux operating systems internals (e.g., filesystems, system calls)

?•      Experience in any of the following: Clojure / Scala / Rust


?•      Automate, automate, automate

?•      Manage and develop deployment infrastructure and processes, including CI and CD servers

?•      Ensure monitoring and alerting solutions are actionable and ready for rapid incident response

?•      Work with team to ensure security best practices are followed

?•      Work closely with our developers to keep system dependencies lean and up to date and identify CVEs

?•      Manage access to all cloud infrastructure

?•      Maintain and define technical infrastructure

?•      Work with and manage 3rd-party vendors/agencies to ensure optimal performance of digital products

?•      Work with engineering and business teams to architect solutions and advise on implementation and performance impact

?•      Be available to support and resolve production outages

?•      Develop and implement a strategy for automatic fail-over infrastructure

?•      Engage in and improve the whole lifecycle of services - from inception and design through deployment, operation, and refinement

?•      Provide leadership and technical vision for overall infrastructure goals

Contact:  Deborah Laster | two one four six one six five seven seven one | deborahl at staffingtechnologies dot com

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