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Full Stack API Developers

Location: Overland Park, KS
Posted On: 04/29/2021
Requirement Code: 45607
Requirement Detail

• 4+ years building web applications, APIs, and services (examples: REST, SOAP)

• Solid understanding of algorithms, data structures and time complexity analysis

• Solid understanding of functional programming using Typescript interfaces and types

• Experience with NodeJS and Express

• Experience with React hooks or equivalent Vue implementations

• Experience working with NoSQL (Mongo, Arango) databases, Elastic, ORMs/ODMs, basic query analysis and performance optimization

• Good working knowledge of test suits/frameworks.

• Experience working with graphic APIs and libraries (WebGL, D3, Three, etc.)

• Knowledge of cloud environments application parameterization

• Experience using dev tools such as package managers, bundlers, task runners, linters

• Excellent troubleshooting and debugging skills

• Proficient with Git and version control flows

• Working knowledge of sound engineering practices: coding standards, best practices and principles (SOLID, DRY), design patterns, modularity, use of abstractions, defensive coding

• Experience with agile development methodology

• Experience with all stages of Software Development Life Cycle

• Experience with graph databases and graph theory

• Experience working with virtualization technologies (Docker containers) is a plus

• Experience with message brokers (e.g. RabbitMQ), queues, pub-sub is a plus

• Prior experience with AI/ML is a plus

• Experience working with relational (MySQL, Postgres, and/or MSSQL Server) is a plus

• Prior experience with accessibility standards is a plus

• Prior experience using scripting languages (Python, shell scripting) is a plus

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