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Software Dev Engineer I

Location: Chicago, IL
Posted On: 06/11/2019
Requirement Code: 32937
Requirement Detail

General Responsibilities: Design, develop, debug, and modify components of software applications and tools. Drive technical implementation at the application/product level for small to mid-sized projects. With assistance, design, spec, and schedule a component or feature of 1-4 weeks of duration. Provide quality implementation of a component or feature (typically 1-4 weeks in duration) with peer and manager support. Provide improvements to solutions for a given problem. Resolve problems and roadblocks as they occur with help from peers or managers. Follow through on details and drives issues to closure with help from peers or managers. Support development of documentation and procedures for installation and maintenance. Actively participate in group technology reviews to critique work of self and others. Approached technical staff for help and training when necessary. Collaborate with and learn from all members of technical staff. Learn to contribute to requirement definition process. Assist with judgment calls with peer and manager input/assistance
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