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Cisco Hardware / Server Administrator

Location: Denver, CO
Posted On: 05/28/2019
Requirement Code: 32653
Requirement Detail

1. Establish robust / secure configurations for all site equipment / configurations including full documentation of all configurations.

o Cisco 4451 Integrated Services Router with integrated 4G cellular modem (back-up only for administrative purposes)  and 48 port Ethernet module

o Cisco UCS 240 - M5 with VMWare, Centos OS & Windows 10 VM; potential Cisco FOG VM

o Enable other site hardware via IP / Ethernet networking.  Other devices include 2- FOZCAM high-definition web cameras, and Micron Optics si255.  Client can provide device manuals.

o Internet Access via local (Denver) Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP)  

o Establish system logging / remote security capabilities.

2. Establish secure, robust AWS access platform that can remotely access site equipment using IPSEC tunnel.  AWS instance should be capable of supporting additional sites concurrently.

3. Establish IPSEC tunnel(s) between site equipment and AWS using ISP facilities.

4. Establish alerting / alert-logging to Client personnel notifying when system is unavailable / restored.

5. Provide full documentation of system configuration including all passwords, software security keys, or other Client proprietary information.  Upon project completetion IR should be able to turn-down access but retain access to any established accounts.

6. Make recommendations to Client personnel on how to improve the robustness, access, security or other relevant aspects of solution.

Item 2:  On-Going

1. On a quarterly basis perform a system review to understand system use and make recommendations to Client regarding system updates, system capacity augmentation or other.

2. At Client request, perform troubleshooting analysis and make recommendations to correct issues.

Item 3:  Additional sites.

1. Augment AWS to add additional sites, tunnels, etc

2. Conduct device configurations as required for new sites.  

Required Skill sets:

Cisco Device Configuration / Management:  4451 Integrated Services Router and UCS 240-M5 Server

AWS CENTOS service instance with remote ssh IPSEC tunnel configuration.

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