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Production Operator

Location: OH, 45177
Posted On: 03/14/2019
Requirement Code: 31131
Requirement Detail

Job Summary and Primary Duties:

Theessential responsibilities of the Production Operator are to sort, process, andscan extensive contract paperwork from Lenders in a productionenvironment. 

TheOperator reviews copies from Dealers to remove specific forms, such as lienforms and titles, removes staples, and prepares the paperwork physically forprocessing or storage. 

TheOperator enters basic information into the computer system, scans paperwork forelectronic storage, labels folders, shreds documents, and ships processedpaperwork to Lenders or to storage facility.



•         Required Experience, Knowledge and skills

•         Ability to lift 40 lbs. overhead and to transport boxes of paperwork withinfacility.

•         Ability to sit for longer periods of time to complete repetitive tasks.

•         Ability to work a flexible schedule, where there is an assigned start time, butno pre-determined end time, as all work must be completed with a rapidturn-around time.

•         Must pass all required pre-employment applications and screenings.

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